Reply To: Social anxiety

Jeff Harding


    I had the same problem with certain issues.  I found a way that works for me.
    Say these statements out loud while looking in a mirror:
    I'm not acceptable.  Then just use the CT on the feeling that comes up , repeat until there is nothing left
    I'm not normal…
    I'm not good enough…
    I don't fit in…
    I'm not like other people
    everyone is like (brother's name)
    everyone sees me like (brother's name)
    I can never be safe because everyone is like (brother's name)
    I will get hurt like (brother's name) hurt me if I am myself
    I am still a small, vulnerable, unwanted person
    no one protected me
    no one will ever protect me
    I cannot/did not protect myself
    I am not safe in the world

    Then look in the mirror and really realize that you are not that small person anymore and no one can make you feel like that again unless you allow it.  Really..Really understand that you are not who you were when everything bad happened.

    Hope this helps…