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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ok, take that target, first of all, and look at your desirability.

    Be sure it's in harmony with yourself by testing to see if your desirability
    for this target is a “10” on a scale of 0 – 10 where “10” is absolute desire.
    I don't mean believability that you “can” do it, but desire for it.
    If it's not a “10,” how can you change it to make it a “10?”

    “I choose to live **** 100% committed to wealth and total financial freedom in money; **** to ease, and joy and abundance surrounding money, **** for my highest good and the good of others”

    Now, it's fairly individual although general, but that's ok. I don't see a need to “split it up.”

    Down below are a couple suggestions, but they are merely that, so see if they resonate a bit higher than the words you used.

    You see, when we change the words, sometimes we find the vibration is a bit higher for us. So, take your time and feel the vibration as best you can and see if you can “amp it up.”

    I split up the sentence into four parts…take each one separately and see how they “feel” on their own…can you change them at all to raise the vibration even further?

    • “I am living” instead of “I choose to live”… both are good.* How does “being committed feel?” any bad vibes on that?
    • “…total financial freedom in and around money;”
    • Good job on the insurance statement at the end!
    • [/list]When you feel that it is all true, feel the feeling that that statement gives you… the feeling that you feel when you think about BEing that. What is the feeling… attach that feeling to the statement when you run the Positive Track.

      Again, this is a bit general to also be aware of the specific ideas, thoughts, desires, inspiration that are a sub aspect of that general perception or thought. Then, when it comes up, take that do the same thing. You are beginning to build
      a new pattern of thought and a new Model of Reality for you! Cool, yah?

      Also, get into the 2-Step, which is get quiet and allow the inspiration to come forth as to what actions to take and begin the actions because that will further begin ingraining these ideas and ways of BEing for you.