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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, yes, a very common PSTEC strategy.

    In fact, right along the lines with what I tell my private clients…

    The goal/target/desire is not important… EXCEPT for one reason… that is as we move in the direction of the goal/target/desire it exposes our perceived barriers and limitations and that means it's an opportunity to clear something else up!!

    Here's the deal with the subconscious… I'm sure you have experienced this…

    When you attempt to do something that you consciously desire and there is an issue in the subconscious that is contrary to that desire, your sub will let you know with emotions or thoughts and sometimes you even prompt you to take actions that are contrary while you later are wondering what the heck happened?

    Been there, done that?

    So, yes, establish a Positive Statement (PS) and use it with PSTEC Positive (PP) and if it is contrary, the sub will let you know.

    Some tips along that line…

    • Be sure your PS is something simple and short term so you can test it soon.
    • Establish your goal that includes some physical action you must take in the short term because if you are only “in your mind,” the sub can find ways to avoid that which seem much more subtle.
    • Be sure you spend some quiet time with this PS and just be aware… watch for ANYTHING that is contrary… a vision, image, mind movie, emotion, feeling, thought, belief, behavior… when they come, DO NOT judge, define or call it not relevant… take anything that comes up that is non-JEEP and clear it up.
    • Once you clear up an emotional issue, go back to your PS with PP and run it again and then get ready to take action.
    • If you make use of the Accelerators, they will encourage more recall of memories and emotions so you can better target your PSTEC work.
    • [/list]Keep up the good work and great awareness on the use of PSTEC!!!