Reply To: Not feeling emotions


    This is the problem I've been having, which is one of the reasons I registered.
    There are three areas that I'm looking to eliminate – dislike of facial looks, premature ejaculation and a fear of initiating conversation with strangers (especially women).
    The emotions / sensations I get for each problem differ from each other and are as follows:

    Facial looks – disappointment, resentment, dislike, feeling of being cheated
    PE – increased heart rate, anxiety, nervousness, worry
    Conversations – fear, anxiety, “lump” in chest area, tightness in throat, unable to make any sound

    Although I can vividly remember each emotion and sensation, I am unable to feel anything when I run the click track, no matter how hard I try. Is there any effectiveness in visualising myself feeling these emotions and sensations as in a third party sense?