Reply To: Not feeling emotions


    Thanks Peter,

    With all my issues, whenever I focussed on them I managed to rate the feeling as a 4 or 5 maximum. I think I was under the impression that it had to replicate the original emotion. It seems that this is not the case.
    I tried your suggestion with the mirror for the looks issue and it certainly helped and managed to get the emotion down to zero. The same was the case with the PE and Conversation issues. So far I haven't had any recurrence of the looks issue and haven't yet been in a suitable situation to see if I can initiate a conversation with a stranger.
    However with the PE, I have had no success at all. I managed to get the emotion down to zero but when I next had sex, the same emotions (increased heart rate, anxiety, nervousness, worry) surfaced, only worse. The following day I thought I should CT on this again, however I could not get above a zero rating of this emotion no matter how hard I tried. It was as if the problem had already been dealt with.

    Due to this happening, I now have a few further questions:
    Does it take time for the effects to take place after CT on a certain emotion?
    Should I continue to try to CT on this emotion despite my last attempt?
    When I run the CT, I find myself drifting between concentrating on my feeling, the tapping and the commentary. Could this be affecting things? If so I'm not sure how I am able to focus on just the feeling.
    I'm fairly new to all this, but is there another approach I should consider taking, i.e. PSTEC negative, PSTEC positive, magic sentences etc?

    Thanks for your help.