Reply To: Not feeling emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Snowy2015

    Good to hear that you have had some success with PSTEC it is important that you feel that it can and will help you.

    The Click Tracks need a target to work with, if the issue is not being resolved then either they are not being used effectively for some reason or the target is not the right one. The real cause of an issue is not usually the first one thought of but something else. This is why I suggested that low self esteem is possibly behind all your issues. The feeling of not being good enough, or I am not worth it and similar. Associated is a fear of failure and “it's only going to happen again” The original events that cause low self esteem are unique to each individual, but they are usually from early life and relationships with parents, other family members, teachers and peers. Writing down a list of all the things you wish had never happened to you tends to find some of these early life events. Click Tracking all of these memories or a least the worst of them is an exercise well worth pursuing.

    To answer your questions:
    Yes it sometimes takes time for the effects of the Click Tracking to be noticed.

    If you really cannot recreate by remembering or imagining in the future the problem feelings then do not continue trying to CT them. Another way round is required.

    Just do your best to keep focused on the feelings and trying to tap in synch with the clicks. Let Tim's voice remain in the background. Just keep on getting back to this if you find yourself “drifting”.

    PSTEC Negative and Positive both work better when the emotions have been reduced first with Click Tracks. Magic Sentences work in an entirely different way but you need a sentence package constructed for your issue, if one does not exist.

    Regarding the PE thing Tim has written a book on adult issues, “How to solve almost any sexual problem the easy way” I would be surprised if it was not covered there.

    Please keep in contact and ask more questions if required.