Reply To: I don’t want to focus on the negative during the click tracks!!!

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Tim talks about this in How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way… ultimately, I strive to manifest my BEingness at the “I AM” level.  In other words, rather than “I want wealth”; pure manifestation would be “I AM wealth.”

    Ah, but the subconscious (sub), quite often, is not allowing I AM on certain subjects.  So, if “I AM wealth” is diametrically opposed to the Mind Model (MM) that the sub has created (more on MM's in PSTEC Advanced), then, good luck with that statement.  Most likely, it will just “bounce off” the sub and be ignored as ludicrous.

    So, we might start with another part of that statement, such as “I might be able to manifest wealth” or as you suggested, “I allow wealth in my life with ease” … as we move in that direction, we kind of sneak up on the sub with the proposal and begin to introduce the concept of “I AM wealth” with some less bold statements and then moving up to a statement that the sub will integrate like “I AM wealth.”

    Remember, it's all just language.  It's not magical in and of itself.  It can seem magical but only to the extent that your mind accepts it and has a reference to it and everyone is different to some degree (although there are similarities because we are taught under similar cultures).

    So, experiment with it… when you craft a Positive Statement (PS) for your PSTEC Positive (PP) work, look at the statement and get a feel for it… take some time with it… see if you KNOW it is right for … true for you.