Reply To: Pstec and animals, affiliate, children, groups, surrogate

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Elaine,

    1. To introduce someone, just refer them to the site and let them download the audios themselves so they can follow along individually on their own.  You want them to listen to Tim's intructions several times rather than ask you for a short cut.

      There is also a PSTEC Affiliate Program available as well where you can receive a commission for referring people.

    2. It depends what type of group situation… what are you referring to?
    3. I have not seen an animal able to focus consciously on their issues, so I can't say that would work well. :- )

      PSTEC is not recommended for children for the same reason, it may be difficult for them to concentrate, so there are some instructions on some other posts here on how to work wtih children, but that's the key; someone should be working with them.

    4. PSTEC has not been recommended for surrogate work because it's difficult to measure, per se.  So, there are several reosurces to consider when doing this.  First of all, there is an interview with Cynthia on the web site where she talks about using PSTEC for surrogate work… PSTEC Interview with Cynthia
    5. [/list]You can also be buddies with Cynthia on the forum and see if she will reveal her secrets. :- )