Reply To: EFT setups and PSTEC

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jay… you're always welcome.

    It's OK to work with other modalities…never a problem as all roads can lead Home. My only caution is not to “mix” them in ways that would be counterproductive… there are enough challenges, yah?

    Hard to tell from just a forum post, but it could be that other multiple emotions are coming up… so, do your best to segregate the prioritize them a bit.

    It does not matter whether you label them or not although that can help… that's one reason I focus on the physical feeling that comes with the emotion as that will be more accurate and distinctive and then “get into the feeling”… allow it to come through and when it's at its height, then focus on that along with the memory/imagined event. Always pair the two together as your work will go much more quickly and smoothly.