Reply To: EFT setups and PSTEC

Jeff Harding

Hi guys

Awesome stuff!

Just a point I experienced Jay…

I come from EFT background and understand what you mean.

When I use PSTEC, I tend to round up the feelings using the EFT style of questioning, especially on a client. It helps me narrow the events/feelings down which in turn gets me to the focus point and then I use PSTEC which clears it all up.

However when using it on myself, I have very good avoidance tactics, and I realised that I could no longer *feel* anything nor think of any events. I just knew that they were there. This almost made me not run the clicktrack, but on one particular issue- fear – I knew I had to.

So I ended up muscle testing and trusting that system and ran the tracks anyway. I *tested* my rating down to a 5 from a 10 with one track, and decided it was time for bed (NO AVOIDANCE there!!!)

The next morning I played social badminton, like I have never played before. I didn't even think it was strange until I heard one of the guys say “it's like she's not scared anymore..”

Afterward I thought about it, and saw the link.

I had PSTEC on 'fear of fear' etc, but not once did I think I was sacred of a shuttlecock, however my intelligent subconscious saw the link, and I am pleased to say that my badminton game has improved as a nice side effect of 'not feeling the feeling' but clicking anyway!

I now use the tracks almost every day and I am just loving the results!

Have fun