Reply To: Confused on the PSTEC Positive Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Hoopty,

    • I am assuming you are using PSTEC Postiive (PP) and with that package, there are two positive click tracks… the first one involves tapping and the second one is the “journey” track and you do not tap although you will still here the clicks and tones.
    • Prior to either one, you do repeat the Positive Statement (PS) several times and imagine you are already manifesting that reality, so tune in with the feelings that go along with that.

      Note Here:  The feeling may not necessarily be an overwhelming excitement.  It can be anything pleasant and , quite often, that could be a peaceful satisfaction too.

    • When using the first “tapping” track of PP, during the track you merely open and close your eyes while “viewing,” not reading, the PS.  It will not harm to repeat it, Wil, but it is not necessary as holding onto the feeling of accomplishment and following along as best you can to the clicks and tones are more of a priority.
    • Yes, you're right, the one exception for repeating the PS during the play of the positive track is with the second track… the “journey” track …  of (PP).  The most important part of the process with the second track is to make the journey in as much detail as possible.
    • [/list]The bottom line, as I have said before, is to observe your results… that is the true measure of your movement forward.  So, be sure you have in mind what it will look like as it does materialize and take that into your PP work and watch for the indications that you are shifting your perception… shifting your experience.