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Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff

    It's centered around my relationship with my mother..huh?? I hear you say!

    Well I recently figured out that a lot of the reasons for the stagnation in many areas of my life can be traced back to her expectations of me and my stubborn resolve me break away from this and be my own person, even at my own detriment.

    So I've clicked on ''If I clear all my 'stuff' then you're off the hook, I'll move on with my life and you won't be reminded of how much you funked with my head – you'll think you've done an alright job at parenting me BUT YOU HAVEN'T!''  Phew, it's out there now!

    I've also clicked on the following at least once, ''This (PSTEC) isn't working – WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING??''

    This the most I've opened up in ages ..I can't even remember the last time I opened up..!