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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ani,

    Ok, I'm not sure because a discussion in a forum like this can be difficult to pinpoint something very specific… but, with that said, it appears that you are focusing (say with the mom issue here) on a statement of some kind and using the CT… is that true?  … see your statement below…

    “I've clicked on ''If I clear all my 'stuff' then you're off the hook, I'll move on with my life and you won't be reminded of how much you funked with my head – you'll think you've done an alright job at parenting me BUT YOU HAVEN'T!''

    If that's true, here's one way to approach this because you need to be a bit more specific…  Take for example the statement you made in there, “…how much you funked with my head.”

    What is the evidence of that… “funked” in what way?  Give me an example… the most intense memory you have of when she did that.  Take that memory… sloooowwwwwwwwwww it down… how does it feel 0-10?  Take that memory and the emotion/feelings and run the CT.

    Then, look at the recent post with Greg…

    Watch for related thoughts, memories, imagined events, emotions, feelings, images, etc.

    Add them to your List… and continue using the CT on them as you go.

    So, you might take the other part of your statement: “…you'll think you've done an alright job at parenting me BUT YOU HAVEN'T!”

    Do the same thing… ask this question: “What is the evidence that she wasn't doing a good job of parenting?”  When did it all start?

    You see… look for two things to run with the CT:  memories/imagined events AND emotions and feelings.  Those two things… when you have those two paired up, rate the emotion, run the CT and continue until it's down to 0-1.

    Make sense?