Reply To: Feeling irritable when doing the Click Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jacqueline,

    You're always welcome… Very nice work… I love your openness and willingness to know the cause if necessary and let it go… that kind of intention is always helpful on your path.

    All PSTEC audios include some degree of “encouragement” to the subconscious to reveal the aspects and causes of the issues.  So, yes, ruffling feathers or stirring the pot or kicking up dust (ok, that's enough metaphors) will be a part of this work…. but, that's a good thing because it will lead you to that healing place.

    Ah, but on the other side of that is peace… there will come a point in your time and space when there is very little being ruffled in your life either by your own efforts or … and this is awesome … by anyone else.  In other words, you  become more and more imperturbable!  And what that really means for you is that more and more of your personal resources will be working toward whatever you deem your purpose is in Life and much less… or dare I say NONE … of your resources going towards dis-empowering memories and imagined events.

    A guy can dream can't he?

    Keep up the good work!!!