Reply To: Will the Click Tracks work when English is my second language

Jeff Harding

    Thank you Jeff for this answer. Regarding the language – i understand it very good – I had a few coworkers from States so I'm pretty good when it comes to speaking and understanding English. I was asking only because when I read about how pstec works there were some linguistic specifics and I just thought that maybe the click tracks would not be efficient.

    And regarding the progress with the click ctrack – yesterday I had a really emotional time in the evening and I tried using the click tracks to bring my emotions down and after 4-5 runs I didn't felt any better so I used eft to bring my emotions down. Although today i feel like *** As one guy also wrote on the forum maybe my sub is just to reluctant so release some feelings :) I will try again today but after those 4 runs I was tired, I was crying and my SUD level was still a 10. Maybe I didn't target the right memory? I felt really unloved and rejected because of some things with my lady and when focusing on her and this feelings I had I ran the click track. But like I wrote no improvement. I will give click tracks a week or so to see if the success rate will improve. After that probably some help will be needed. But I think that in this part of Europe (Slovenia) I will not find anyone for personal coaching. Probably phone or Skype will be the solution :)

    Thanks again and have a great day,