Will the Click Tracks work when English is my second language

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Dear  Jeff,

      my name is Borut and I'm a new member here. I downloaded the free course and also level 1. I have a few questions and i hope you will be able to help me. first, I'm not a native English speaker. Can this affect the success with PSTEC?

      Second is about using the click tracks. When i focus on memories and feelings – I have problem focusing on this and at the same time focusing on clicks. My focus is jumping from one to another. I focus on memorie, i feel the feelings, then I hear clicks and i start tapping, then maybe my focus on the feeling will be lost and all i focus on is clicking and memories. other times I can loose focus on specific memory and I can only hear clicking. Is this normal?

      I'm trying to release some fear around sex and PE. And I run some event thru click track a dozen times and only sligly improvement is seen. am i doing something wrong?

      I find it hard to focus on memory, feeling and focusing on clicks. sometimes I am tapping just because the rhythm is familiar and I maybe don't “hear” all the clicks. Is this normal or must i focus harder?

      Thanks for you advice,


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Borut,

        Thanks for writing and for doing your work (play?).

        There are several things you have mentioned and quite general in nature; so, I will touch on them to give you a clue on each one, but, basically, by using PSTEC more and even reviewing the various tutorials a few times, you will find the answers to these issues… so, what I am saying is that the answers are already there and with some persistence, you will be showing your subconscious (sub) that this is a priority and the sub will reveal the answers to you consciously more quickly and in more fullness.

        Make sense?

        Ok, with that said, here are some clues to help push you along…

        English as a second language …

        The answer to this is “it depends.”  If you can understand the language consciously as it is spoken, then it's likely your sub does as well because the sub is the primary language processor.  We have had reports of people that do not speak English AT ALL and with some personal attention and instructions from a practitioner, they were able to follow the clicks and tones, they did see results on their emotional issues.  So, it is true that the language can be important when it comes to “linguistic” based issues that are usually more pronounced in beliefs and behaviors, but emotional issues, not as much.

        Here's the bottom line… it sounds like you are moving along just fine with the Click Tracks… I would just continue and watch for the results.

        But, more importantly, the points below are, most likely, the techniques that you need to employ when working on your issues.

        Difficulty focusing…

        The difficulties you describe in using the track are designed into it and they help to make it work. It is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be effective. All you need to do is to follow the instructions as fully as you are able.

        Do your best to focus on the emotions, feelings and memories that you are targeting with PSTEC while at the same, again, doing your best to follow the clicks and tones and tapping with the appropriate hands.  You may not get all of them perfectly in time, but that's ok, do the best you can.  You don’t have to “keep up” per se, but, again, just do the best you can.  Most importantly, try and hold on to the emotions, feelings and memories as you listen and follow the clicks and tones.

        Listen to the PSTEC Instructions audio again to become more familiar with the process and also review the FAQ's as they may give you more insight on how to use PSTEC appropriately and may also give you more confidence in using them…

        When there is not much perceived change, it's a matter of targeting and being aware of the communication from your sub … there was a very comprehensive discussion recently… check this one out…

        I hope that helps.

        If you truly are “stuck,” consider having someone work with you; so, review the practitioners available at the PSTEC Registry.


        If you continue having difficulty, check the PSTEC register for a practitioner that may be able to help you individually and guide you through the process…
        As always though, feel free to submit your questions here as well if you are not finding a solution and we will continue to support you in your use of PSTEC.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Jeff for this answer. Regarding the language – i understand it very good – I had a few coworkers from States so I'm pretty good when it comes to speaking and understanding English. I was asking only because when I read about how pstec works there were some linguistic specifics and I just thought that maybe the click tracks would not be efficient.

          And regarding the progress with the click ctrack – yesterday I had a really emotional time in the evening and I tried using the click tracks to bring my emotions down and after 4-5 runs I didn't felt any better so I used eft to bring my emotions down. Although today i feel like *** As one guy also wrote on the forum maybe my sub is just to reluctant so release some feelings :) I will try again today but after those 4 runs I was tired, I was crying and my SUD level was still a 10. Maybe I didn't target the right memory? I felt really unloved and rejected because of some things with my lady and when focusing on her and this feelings I had I ran the click track. But like I wrote no improvement. I will give click tracks a week or so to see if the success rate will improve. After that probably some help will be needed. But I think that in this part of Europe (Slovenia) I will not find anyone for personal coaching. Probably phone or Skype will be the solution :)

          Thanks again and have a great day,


          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Borut,

            You can target only feelings with the CT, but it can be a bit more uncomfortable.  When we target the pairs of memories/imagined events AND emotions/feelings; then, not only do we get more progressive results, but it can also be a bit smoother.  So, if it's not budging, then it's most likely not targeted correctly.  If it's rising, then you may be hitting on something and actually getting close or right on, so, be sure to be aware of other communication from the sub, i.e. other memories, thoughts, emotions, images, etc.

            Let me take what you said, “I felt really unloved and rejected because of some things with my lady…”

            Alright, take that feeling and allow it to come through and ask the following questions… one at a time… very slowly… wait for the answers to come… do not search for answers… do not put in effort.. .just ask the question and then wait for an answer…

            1. When was the last time I felt this way? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)
            2. When did you feel that feeling before that? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)

              Repeat this question as you follow your mind back through time for moments when this emotion rose up… write each one down and the emotional rating.

            3. When did this emotion first begin… when was the first time you remember feeling this? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)
            4. [/list]You will have a List of various memories… some may involve your lady, some will not.  The further back you can go, the better.

              Now, this exercise may take time and may have to be done more than once.  In the beginning, it will be a little tougher, but take your conscious will and stay focused (that is one of the primary purposes of the conscious mind and use of it's will is to help the sub stay focused and to train or mentor the sub.  It may wander and “make it tough” as a child persists in getting his/her way to keep the status quo, but you just have to gently pull your attention back and keep asking the question with unconditional acceptance.

              You have a List of events paired with that emotion… start your CT work… maybe in another session depending upon how you feel.

              Where do you start?  You can start with the most intense one if you wish (or the “lighter” one depending upon how you feel) or, most times, I like to start with the earliest memories because that is when most of our mind model was formed… at least the foundational aspects of it were formed.

              As you said, if you are stuck, finding a practitioner through the PSTEC Registry is a good idea and most can work on the phone or Skype so geography is not an issue.



            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC User

              Hi Jeff,

              Now this reply gave me some momentum :) I will do the work as you suggested. I always have a notepad and a pen with me but there was always some procrastination in the way. But I will start this work today and I will post my successes. I was also thinking in buying PSTEC accelerators. For sure this can also help unlocking some memories that are hidden somewhere :) Also because sometimes I do remember some event which I know were not pleasant but I may not feel something all the time. So more focus and maybe more details to the event would help getting into it.

              Jeff, I really appreciate that you took the time and reply to my post. From the length of your reply I know you spend some time so THANKS MAN :)

              Have a nice day and talk to you all soon,

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Hi Borut,

                Most people whistle past the graveyard… they look at a memory and think, “OhIdon'tfeelanything.”

                When you “feel” you have no feelings.  Slooooooowwwwwwwwww the memory down… watch each little segment or act of the move individually and ask, “Does this upset me?”  … or… “Does this upset my younger self?”  How would I be upset?  Allow the feelings to come through.  Tune in and give the feelings the respect of “listening” to them.  The sub will communicate, so respect the sub as you would a wonderful little child… get down on the floor with him and play…  listen… show him your conscious mind can be trusted to truly and unconditionally care.

                He mea iki (you're welcome).



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