Reply To: Will the Click Tracks work when English is my second language

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Borut,

    You can target only feelings with the CT, but it can be a bit more uncomfortable.  When we target the pairs of memories/imagined events AND emotions/feelings; then, not only do we get more progressive results, but it can also be a bit smoother.  So, if it's not budging, then it's most likely not targeted correctly.  If it's rising, then you may be hitting on something and actually getting close or right on, so, be sure to be aware of other communication from the sub, i.e. other memories, thoughts, emotions, images, etc.

    Let me take what you said, “I felt really unloved and rejected because of some things with my lady…”

    Alright, take that feeling and allow it to come through and ask the following questions… one at a time… very slowly… wait for the answers to come… do not search for answers… do not put in effort.. .just ask the question and then wait for an answer…

    1. When was the last time I felt this way? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)
    2. When did you feel that feeling before that? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)

      Repeat this question as you follow your mind back through time for moments when this emotion rose up… write each one down and the emotional rating.

    3. When did this emotion first begin… when was the first time you remember feeling this? (write down that event along with the emotional rating)
    4. [/list]You will have a List of various memories… some may involve your lady, some will not.  The further back you can go, the better.

      Now, this exercise may take time and may have to be done more than once.  In the beginning, it will be a little tougher, but take your conscious will and stay focused (that is one of the primary purposes of the conscious mind and use of it's will is to help the sub stay focused and to train or mentor the sub.  It may wander and “make it tough” as a child persists in getting his/her way to keep the status quo, but you just have to gently pull your attention back and keep asking the question with unconditional acceptance.

      You have a List of events paired with that emotion… start your CT work… maybe in another session depending upon how you feel.

      Where do you start?  You can start with the most intense one if you wish (or the “lighter” one depending upon how you feel) or, most times, I like to start with the earliest memories because that is when most of our mind model was formed… at least the foundational aspects of it were formed.

      As you said, if you are stuck, finding a practitioner through the PSTEC Registry is a good idea and most can work on the phone or Skype so geography is not an issue.