Reply To: Will the Click Tracks work when English is my second language

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    Now this reply gave me some momentum :) I will do the work as you suggested. I always have a notepad and a pen with me but there was always some procrastination in the way. But I will start this work today and I will post my successes. I was also thinking in buying PSTEC accelerators. For sure this can also help unlocking some memories that are hidden somewhere :) Also because sometimes I do remember some event which I know were not pleasant but I may not feel something all the time. So more focus and maybe more details to the event would help getting into it.

    Jeff, I really appreciate that you took the time and reply to my post. From the length of your reply I know you spend some time so THANKS MAN :)

    Have a nice day and talk to you all soon,