Reply To: It works, but how to use it best


    Thanks for the warm welcome, Jeff!
    I bought the “How to achieve almost anything – the easy way” right when it came out. It was right 'up my alley', as it is in alignment with what I know to be true (my beliefs…) as well as with my experience. I so very much enjoy Tim speak – he has a unique way of 'putting things' and I love his insight and clarity.
    Yes, I was aware of the different NLP techniques (which, of course, are rooted in Ericksonian hypnosis) …..hence my 'question' ;-)
    I am doing very well (super busy practice!) and PSTEC is a major pillar in my practice, now (how could it NOT be???)
    I have been remiss in listening to the wonderful interviews you have been conducting, but decided that I just HAVE to schedule in time to listen to them. I have been so crazily busy, that I also didn't read the newsletters in their entirety. One of my clients just made me aware of something Tim had written in a recent newsletter, about how to use the click tracks and how NOT to use them – a really basic thing….and I had to find out that even though my clients and I have great success with them, I was doing it wrong! LOL! Good that I have clients that read the entire newsletter. Time doesn't stand still and there's always more to learn…
    Big hug and Aloha back at you,