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    glyn Thorneloe
    PSTEC User

      Hi all,I have to say that this technology is amazing… It definitely works for me!However, I hope I can get some advice on how best to use it. I have the free tracks and Level 1.Some of the things I want to work on are:Negative beliefsLack of knowing what to do with my life – what I want to doLack of motivation and difficulty doing mundane tasksAny thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!Many thanks,Glyn

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Glyn,

        Negative beliefs… well, this is a bit of a wide subject, but one direction is to imagine the exact opposite of the negative belief.

        For example, let's say you have a belief that says, “Money doesn't grow on trees.”  Now, many would say, 'Duh, of course not… ever seen one?'

        My answer: Well, yes and no… I have not seen money grow on a birch tree, but have you seen a money tree?  No?  Maybe you're just looking in the wrong grove of trees.  :- )

        Take for example, Bill Gates… THAT is a money tree.

        Enough about Bill though…let's talk about you…

        Have you ever seen or known someone that just seems to make money with little physical effort, minimal time spent and enjoys the heck out of it… just like it's a natural function?  You don't have to be best friends, but someone you know of… yes, you could even imagine Bill Gates.  :- )  As you think of that person, notice how the money just pops out like money growing on a tree … Let's say you know a person like this named Bart.

        Well, now you can take that visual of Bart and craft a Positive Statement that is the opposite of your initial negative statement, such as…

        It's possible to manifest money like Bart as if it grows on trees.

        Now, I really got bold with this one, but what you are doing here is using your imagination of Bart making money so easily as if it grows on trees… you are beginning to suggest to your subconscious that the original negative statement is not the reality, but it's opposite is!

        This is taking the bottom of what I call the Belief Scale (from the “Basic Steps to Change Beliefs” from Tim's “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way“).

        You see?

        As you progress with the believability of a statement like that, you can and will eventually come to a statement like…

        I am creating abundance in my life as if money grows on trees.

        … or something like that.

        Make sense?

        Now, in regards to knowing what to do and motivated to do it (by the way, be motivated to do mundane tasks could be an issue because why would you want to do a mundane task in the first place?)… I believe as you let go of more and more of the emotions, beliefs and behaviors of the past… move the junk out of the way… a new mind model will develop within your subconscious  that will support discovering what your purpose or passion is and once you KNOW it, being motivated is not an issue.  You might even find new ways to accomplish what you desire that are not mundane.

        Ok, I had to be a bit brief here, but let me end with this… much of what you are looking for in terms of “what do I do” can be found in Tim's “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way … there is a wealth (pun intended) of information there on HOW to use the PSTEC Tools for achievement, success and living your passion.



        PSTEC User

          Dear Jeff,
          Just wanted to say “Thank you” for this post – it is very enlightening and inspiring (by the way – it sounds a bit like a NLP technique to me that you're using in conjunction with the PSTEC?)
          I just signed up for this new forum, so I'm going to read more of your posts, now! :-)

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Aloha Sunny!

            Ah, you're always welcome!  Long time no hear… how the heck are you?

            There are elements to what Tim is teaching that come from various disciplines including NLP, yes.  There are several little techniques in this post (that might not translate completely on a forum, but we do the best we can) such as: reframing, time line methods, pattern interrupts and anchoring.

            Also, there is some reference here to some methods mentioned by Tim in How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way. Listen in on this one many, many times as a therapist and I know much will be retained by your subconscious and come flowing out in your sessions.

            Hey, thanks for joining us here on the forum, Sunny … always wonderful to have you here and thank you for your wonderful work!

            Hugs and Aloha!


            PSTEC User

              Thanks for the warm welcome, Jeff!
              I bought the “How to achieve almost anything – the easy way” right when it came out. It was right 'up my alley', as it is in alignment with what I know to be true (my beliefs…) as well as with my experience. I so very much enjoy Tim speak – he has a unique way of 'putting things' and I love his insight and clarity.
              Yes, I was aware of the different NLP techniques (which, of course, are rooted in Ericksonian hypnosis) …..hence my 'question' ;-)
              I am doing very well (super busy practice!) and PSTEC is a major pillar in my practice, now (how could it NOT be???)
              I have been remiss in listening to the wonderful interviews you have been conducting, but decided that I just HAVE to schedule in time to listen to them. I have been so crazily busy, that I also didn't read the newsletters in their entirety. One of my clients just made me aware of something Tim had written in a recent newsletter, about how to use the click tracks and how NOT to use them – a really basic thing….and I had to find out that even though my clients and I have great success with them, I was doing it wrong! LOL! Good that I have clients that read the entire newsletter. Time doesn't stand still and there's always more to learn…
              Big hug and Aloha back at you,

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Hi Sunny,

                Ah, my pleasure to welcome you… I know you are a much needed, proven and appreciated talent!

                Yes, Bandler and Grinder of NLP fame were not only big Erickson fans, but collaborated with him on a few books… good stuff.

                Missed my PSTEC Interviews?  :'( I would take that personally if I could… never mind.. guess I can't.  ;D

                Tons of practical resources in the PSTEC Interviews because I wasn't just after a testimonial of PSTEC working for them, but HOW did it work… what did they do… not just during but prior to beginning to using PSTEC.

                Many thanks for everyone that gave their time on those PSTEC Interviews and were transparent for everyone in the interest of helping others.

                There are many more resources coming out as well, not only for therapist but for the self helper… in fact, as a therapist, did you sign up for the new PSTEC Therapist List? If not, go there because there are tons of info coming and some great benefits for those that are a part of the PSTEC Registry and announcements will come through to those on that list.

                Take care Sunny… Mahalo for writing… Hugs and Aloha!


                PS You can add a signature line (with web address, etc.) that is added to all your posts… just go to the menu at the top Profile>Modify Profile>Forum Profile

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