Reply To: It works, but how to use it best

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Sunny,

    Ah, my pleasure to welcome you… I know you are a much needed, proven and appreciated talent!

    Yes, Bandler and Grinder of NLP fame were not only big Erickson fans, but collaborated with him on a few books… good stuff.

    Missed my PSTEC Interviews?  :'( I would take that personally if I could… never mind.. guess I can't.  ;D

    Tons of practical resources in the PSTEC Interviews because I wasn't just after a testimonial of PSTEC working for them, but HOW did it work… what did they do… not just during but prior to beginning to using PSTEC.

    Many thanks for everyone that gave their time on those PSTEC Interviews and were transparent for everyone in the interest of helping others.

    There are many more resources coming out as well, not only for therapist but for the self helper… in fact, as a therapist, did you sign up for the new PSTEC Therapist List? If not, go there because there are tons of info coming and some great benefits for those that are a part of the PSTEC Registry and announcements will come through to those on that list.

    Take care Sunny… Mahalo for writing… Hugs and Aloha!


    PS You can add a signature line (with web address, etc.) that is added to all your posts… just go to the menu at the top Profile>Modify Profile>Forum Profile