Reply To: Anyone tried the weight loss pstec?

Sally Baker

    Hello in answer to your query PSTEC can work remarkably quickly on a wide variety of presenting issues and I've seen great results in working with PSTEC for successful weight loss. Interestingly, it is not unusual for clients to have a surge in their appetite when we first begin the work – it's sort of known as the Last Supper response – as your sub-consious knows there is change afoot and makes a bid to reinforce old patterns of behaviour. In our Book Achieve Your Natural Weight, Liz Hogon and I write about how we use EFT to reveal what's going on sub-conciously with a client's thinking and behaviour and then use PSTEC to collapse the emotional attachment to the negative thinking. So you could consider this route too.

    If your weight has been an issue for a long time then stick with what you are doing as you may have a strong belief system around your eating that might take a few weeks to truly feel the shift. We often work with clients for around 6 weeks if this helps you to consider a time frame. It really is powerful and quick when you think that many other therapies can take months and months to engender any significant change.

    On a practical basis, we believe it is vital to not skip meals or go hungry when attempting to lose weight as that can trigger a sense of deprivation which for some people will feel scary and could encourage over-eating. So be sure that you have eaten nutritionally well during the day. We do include a food plan in the book if you are confused with so many fad diet regimes around.

    Before evening comes, try using PSTEC on the feeling you expect you will experience later. Really conjure up the emotions and hunger you experience at night and collapse those feelings. Good luck using your programme. Sally Baker