Reply To: Still not clear

Bhabani Yetirajam

    Thanks for the answer Jeff. Still some questions:

    (1) Quoting from your example of  Click Track 01 (file name “PSTecFile01”)
    “There is the first, faster click beat track and Tim says tap with the fingers of the right hand along with the rhythm of the clicking.”

    So there is this click and series of 8beats that go with it. If I understand correctly, we are tapping with click and no taps for the 8beats, right?

    (2) About the associations of memory with feelings: the reason I say I am confused about the association is, the same memory and the same event at some other day/time feels pleasurable if I am in positive mood. But when I am feeling bad the same thing that felt positive now feels negative. So how can we say the memory/event caused the feeling? It seems reversed in my case.