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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome.

    1. On tapping with the clicks, in this example with the clicks for the right hand, the rhythm is a very fast rhythm and, in reality, they are all clicks, so tap along with all the clicks that you hear.

      Note:  Don't worry too much about “doing it right”… in other words, don't think so much.  You will not get it perfect in terms of the tapping.  If you are, it probably is not working for you.

    2. The same experienced event gives you both a pleasant AND a not-pleasant feeling?  Give me an example.

      By the way, I did not ONLY say that the memories would be a cause.  What I said was that they could either be at the cause or contributing to those emotions.

    3. [/list]In reality, yes, the experiences cause the emotions but also, as that model of reality for that specific perception is set up in your mind, then the emotions can also contribute to causing you to remember the memories as well and it becomes a cycle.  But, initially, there is a cause of the perception in your mind that influences OR can contribute to the emotions and feelings that come up.

      Again, give me your example.

      One more note… one of the greatest contributions that a practitioner brings is in sorting out and helping you manage the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that arise, then targeting PSTEC properly.

      So, you might consider using someone from the PSTEC Registry to help you along with that.