Reply To: Still not clear

Bhabani Yetirajam

    ok, as an example. when I was looking for a job couple of months ago, I took the interviewing as an experience to meet with different companies and travel to different places as the expenses were paid for. And I wasn't really clear on what I wanted to do i.w. what kind of role or what kind of company etc. Now some days when I am feeling positive I recount the experience of traveling and interviewing and how I didn't want to compromise in accepting something and feel really good. Some other day, I wouldn't really know what caused me to be suddenly feel bad, I would see the same thing as a bad experience thinking how much time and effort is wasted or that I should have accepted something etc. So see, the initial reason for feeling bad wasn't that but then when I recounted the same experience I just turned it into negative. And then I would remember something else in the past and how I was a failure etc. It doesn't stay on one topic. I may drift into relationship issue, or someone said something or did something (which didn't bother me when it happened).

    Now let's say, I am feeling bad right now and don't know why but will pickup whatever memory comes now and turns into the negative and will do the PSTEC on the memory and the current feeling. In the midway I see, the feeling reduced a little bit and that memory doesn't match that feeling. And the mind drifts away to a different memory that better matched with the current level of feeling. So the question is then, if we have to have the memory alongwith the feeling while doing the click track, would you keep hlding that old memory even though it doesn't match the current level of the feeling or would you let it drift to different memory. And sometime it just moved from one event to another.