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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ok, great example…

    Now, although you “think” you are looking at the same event and having two different feelings about it; the reality is that there are two different perceptions covering two different aspects of “one event” (and I use that phrase “one event” loosely)  ;) .

    The first aspect or perception is one of adventure… as you said, “… I took the interviewing as an experience to meet with different companies and travel to different places as the expenses were paid for…”; this was a time when looked at from the mind model of seeing adventure… doing something new… a paid to do it to boot!!… well, that can involve some joy and excitement, right?

    The experience you had, definitely has a good aspect to it… a positive resource in your mind… something you do not want to necessarily clear up because it can be a resource to help build a mind model you desire.  (little side note… on the other hand you do not want to become attached to it either because that can cause issues that may stagnate your growth as well… but, if it involves J.E.E.P.,  then I say, “Don't bother with clearing it up.”)

    Then there was the other side of the coin…

    As you said, “I would see the same thing as a bad experience thinking how much time and effort is wasted or that I should have accepted something etc.”

    But, is it Truly “the same thing?”

    Or, just another perspective… another angle … you are seeing it from another vantage point, right?

    Take for example a Christmas tree, either one you had or one you have seen at someone's home … Let's say it is put in a corner and lights and ornaments are in short supply.  What can you do?  You put them around the front 2/3 to 3/4 of the tree and the back is neglected, so to speak.

    Now, if you look from the front, it looks beeeeeeeeeautiful… but if you going around back… yikes!

    Same tree, just a different vantage point and a totally different look… different opinion… different experience, right?

    Does anyone else notice the empty back?  Probably not because they don't go inspecting your tree… and if they do; make note to remove them from your holiday invitation list for next year. :P

    So, take the unpleasant feeling that comes up regarding that event… when you feel bad about it, what do you see?  What is most prominent and intense about it?  Anyone else involved that “made” you feel bad about it?  Or, what were you doing that you feel bad about?  Where were you or where do you picture yourself when you feel bad about it?  In other words, ask yourself, “Why do I feel bad about that experience?”  Take that answer and ask the “why” questions again.

    Now, as you said, “… then I would remember something else in the past and how I was a failure etc.”

    As you recall these other memories and reminders, jot them down and keep asking yourself, “What does that feeling and memory remind me of… when was another earlier time when I felt that familiar feeling… when was the first time I remember feeling that way?

    You may end up with 3… 5… even 10 or more memories… again… jot them all down.  Keep your work on paper, not floating about in your mind.

    Once you have exhausted the subconscious clues coming through… the memories, feelings, etc.; then begin using the CT on all those memories and/or test them once you feel clear of the issue.

    I love starting with the memory that is most intense and what I “feel” is one of the causes… usually memories from earlier in life.

    Follow the breadcrumbs and keep asking, “When was another time I felt this way?”

    Then, use the CT.

    You may have to CT several memories and there are some memories that require several rounds of the CT to clear.

    So you are absolutely right, “And the mind drifts away to a different memory that better matched with the current level of feeling. So the question is then, if we have to have the memory along with the feeling while doing the click track, would you keep hiding that old memory even though it doesn't match the current level of the feeling or would you let it drift to different memory. And sometime it just moved from one event to another.”

    YES!  It might be one memory that is the root cause, BUT, usually it's more than one that we must clear away.

    Make sense?

    So, it appears you are right on track… the issue at hand (and most of us have or had to deal with this) is trusting yourself.  All of yourself, including your subconscious.  What you describe is the subconscious giving you the clues; you just felt unsure about following them.

    I say, follow them down the rabbit hole of your mind and be done with them.

    Let's suppose you find the cause of those feelings… will that change the good feelings you have about the “same event?”  Not likely… most times I have worked with people, cleared up the non-JEEP feelings about something and the JEEP perspective comes shining through.

    You see?

    So, once the back of the Christmas tree does not bother you anymore, you can enjoy the front, gorgeous aspect of the tree and enjoy your holiday either with family or friends or just sitting there and soaking in the ambiance at night.

    Keep up the good work and keep clickin' on those thoughts and memories that keep coming to mind when you are in non-JEEP mode.