Reply To: Focusing on the clicks?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Thanks gentle_p for your comment because it brings up a few great points…

    While Tim advocates integrating PSTEC with other modalities (Tim looks for results above all else… isn't that what this is all about?), there are a few aspects to watch for:

    Follow Tim's directions to the “T”… if you follow them, you will find your results… the practical part of PSTEC… will be more consistent.

    As I said, while Tim encourages the use of PSTEC with other modalities, here's the one aspect of that practice that may throw a wrench into your PSTEC work…

    Do not substitute another technique from another modality for a PSTEC technique or process (or even part of a PSTEC technique or process).

    Why not?

    Because when you substitute, you are not following Tim's directions.

    You are attempting to create yet another way.  While that is well and good and you may fine a unique way that works for you, be aware of results or lack thereof and make adjustments.

    If you find results are sporadic or fleeting, then reassess your process… if would even behoove you to review the appropriate PSTEC Instructions for the tool you are using, take notes and notice what you changed when the results you desired were not forthcoming.