Focusing on the clicks?

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    Bhabani Yetirajam
    PSTEC User

      Thanks for the thread. I was also doing the same mistake of using the phrases rather than memories/events as I was having hard time accessing the memory of events.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Thanks gentle_p for your comment because it brings up a few great points…

        While Tim advocates integrating PSTEC with other modalities (Tim looks for results above all else… isn't that what this is all about?), there are a few aspects to watch for:

        Follow Tim's directions to the “T”… if you follow them, you will find your results… the practical part of PSTEC… will be more consistent.

        As I said, while Tim encourages the use of PSTEC with other modalities, here's the one aspect of that practice that may throw a wrench into your PSTEC work…

        Do not substitute another technique from another modality for a PSTEC technique or process (or even part of a PSTEC technique or process).

        Why not?

        Because when you substitute, you are not following Tim's directions.

        You are attempting to create yet another way.  While that is well and good and you may fine a unique way that works for you, be aware of results or lack thereof and make adjustments.

        If you find results are sporadic or fleeting, then reassess your process… if would even behoove you to review the appropriate PSTEC Instructions for the tool you are using, take notes and notice what you changed when the results you desired were not forthcoming.


        fi knox
        PSTEC User

          I too have found this a really useful thread. I think that MAYBE some of my confusion arose from the way that Tim seems to use the words “thought” and “memory” interchangeably in the introduction to the free tracks.  I had thought that the sort of negative self beliefs that I had aquired from bad experiences were “thoughts” and spent a couple of days gaily clicking away at them……and suddenly feeling much worse. I'd still be doing it if I hadn't stumbled across Estelle's interview. Or more likely I'd have given up on pstec altogether and decided it just didn't seem to work for me. I think this needs to be highlighted early on.  :)

          PSTEC User

            I just wanted to say how much this thread, and original post from Borut has helped me. I was also confused by Tim referring to thoughts on the CT's, and found when I did (same as Fifi), that it only got worse. I later came across the PSTEC EPIC pdf document where it was clear that we are to only focus on memories and feelings. I started doing it that way, and it went much better.

            Still, everytime I listened to the CT I couldn't help but wonder what Tim meant by 'thoughts' and that maybe I was missing something.. I was about to write a new post when I found this one.  Jeff, you explain it all amazingly, as always, and everything is clear as mud now!  Thank you  ;D

            I also second the motion for this topic to be hilighted, somewhere on the forum.

            Best, Bloom

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