Reply To: Focusing on the clicks?


    I just wanted to say how much this thread, and original post from Borut has helped me. I was also confused by Tim referring to thoughts on the CT's, and found when I did (same as Fifi), that it only got worse. I later came across the PSTEC EPIC pdf document where it was clear that we are to only focus on memories and feelings. I started doing it that way, and it went much better.

    Still, everytime I listened to the CT I couldn't help but wonder what Tim meant by 'thoughts' and that maybe I was missing something.. I was about to write a new post when I found this one.  Jeff, you explain it all amazingly, as always, and everything is clear as mud now!  Thank you  ;D

    I also second the motion for this topic to be hilighted, somewhere on the forum.

    Best, Bloom