Reply To: Frustrated with the positives

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi gentle_p,

    The frustration coming up is getting in the way, right?

    You ask, “…starting with good feeling and ending with frustration. Is this doing any good?”

    Well, the frustration, in and of itself is not doing any good… it's actually getting in the way of performing what you desire…  but if you realize that the frustration is TELLING you something and you listen, then, yes, it can do some good.

    There is a reason for the frustration coming up and it's just a matter of discovering the cause or source of it.

    When it comes to handling emotional issues that are in your way, the PSTEC tool for neutralizing emotions are the Click Tracks (CT), EEF's and Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).  So, use the CT on those frustrated emotions.

    Imagine (not visualize… more on this below) running the PSTEC Positive (PP) and being frustrated… should not be a problem if it happened this recently … and then actually run the CT on the frustration of running the PP.

    That's one approach and may help you in using the PP more freely.

    But, many times, you may want to go deeper and find the Truth of that frustration because I doubt that is THE first time frustration has occurred in your life, right?

    When is another time in the past when you felt that familiar frustration? … say that five times fast. ;D

    When you discover one, ask again and again and look for the first time you remember this happening and once you have a List of a few memories, then use the CT on each one.

    There are other ways to approach this, but let's keep it simple, ok?

    Alright, about visualization…

    In reality, Tim does not mention visualizing during the PP… he uses the word IMAGINE.  So, visualization is not necessary, but imagine to the best of your ability… it does not have to be perfect… just do the best you can.

    I believe the best option for you is to review Tim's instructions again… in fact, a few more times because you said, “…the non-tapping version of the positives, I cannot visualize well … I can't keep up with a storyline for 3minutes…is the non-tapping track not for me?”

    Your question is somewhat contrary to the instructions… the non-tapping version does not include imagining a storyline, but imagining a journey while repeating the Positive Statement… you imagine your positive success prior to running the PP track.

    So, review the instructions again… take notes … follow Tim step-by-step and let me know if you have further questions.