Reply To: Frustrated with the positives

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, well, imagining may include pictures, movies, etc.; but, not necessarily.

    Imagining is akin to dreaming about something and, many times, the visuals in imagination may not be that clear… it's not important … but what is important is the feeling as if it is in the present… as if you are there.

    You can be a part of the “happening” or just observing, like hovering over a scenario and watching.

    Here's an example of how most people use and everyone has at some point used imagination…

    Many times when someone feels fear of their future, they are imagining not being successful at something or having an unpleasant experience (for example: someone is fearful of speaking to a group and they imagine that tomorrow at work this group they must present to is just staring at them and the fear rises up, their heart beings to beat rapidly and they even perspire, yet, nothing is Truly there except for their imagination).

    Take that same type of “process” of imagination that you have some experience in that supports an unpleasant feeling and turn it around and do it with something pleasant.  Imagine just walking along the beach or somewhere else you would love to visit.  You can even use a place you have been before, or something you have seen in a movie or a travel book.  Don't worry about visuals, just begin imagining you are there right there now and fill in the details with your mind after you arrive there.

    The more you practice and flex the imagination skill the easier it will get.

    Again, don't worry about the quality and richness of it … just get started and the more often you do it, the more richness and details you can add.

    Oh, one more point…

    Many times, when the emotions are high… when the emotional issues seem many and complex, choosing a conscious imagination scenario may be difficult.  If that's true, then consider first using the CT and clearing away more and more emotional memories and thoughts.  As you become more clear of those issues, imagining positive scenarios will get easier and easier.