Reply To: Multiple Positive suggestions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You bring up a great point in this question and that is about making multiple Positive Statements (or suggestions) (PS) to the subconscious (sub).

    The main reason to make multiple PS's is mainly two fold:

    1. You may have PS's that consist of concepts not related and so when making suggestions to the sub, it is more effective to keep your PS to just one concept… in other words, K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetheart)… the sub appreciates simple suggestions.
    2. If you have PS's that are related, but you might consider them to be different aspects of the same concept, so, again, KISS and make it easy for the sub to assimilate the suggestions by splitting them up.
    3. [/list]So, if you have multiple PS's, then, treat each one separately.  If you have three PS's, then take PS #1, follow Tim's instructions and repeat it 6-7 times, then use PSTEC Positive (PP) or the Accelerator Tapping Track (ATT) with PS #1.

      Then, do the same with PS #2… then when you are done with PS #2, do the same with PS #3.

      If you try and short cut and use all three PS's with one round of PP or ATT, then you will be going against the KISS guideline and probably making the desired suggestion complicated enough for the sub to easily discount or discard your entire intention.

      One other suggestion for you…

      Don't try to put forth too many “different” PS's at once… especially when you are starting out with PSTEC.  So, if you are working with a PS about a weight issue, one about money issues and one about anger… notice how confusing that might be to the “young” sub… not exactly KISS.

      Remember that when starting out with PSTEC, you are training your conscious and sub to communicate together … to “operate” differently…  and when first training or mentoring anyone or anything, start out simple.