Reply To: Multiple Positive suggestions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Virginia,

    The answer is as you said, time and volition.  But, add to that inspiration… does it feel right or do you KNOW that it is the best thing to do because you don't want to be pushing, forcing, driving yourself or your subconscious, just be aware if there is some “non-JEEP” in your actions.

    If you find yourself “pushing” (if it is a struggle), then ask yourself what your motivation is… is fear driving you and, if it is, look to clear the fear before proceeding.  In fact, as I am sure you have heard before, lower the emotions first before proceeding with PSTEC Positive because then the suggestions have a better chance of being accepted by the subconscious.

    Since you have had success with multiple suggestions, I know that you will find success in this area as well using suggestions.

    As far as Positive Suggestions or Statements, listen to the recent PSTEC Interview with Karen Phizackerely who used PP for her pain and medication complication with excellent success… You can take the basic sentence structure she used and customize them to your needs.

    When you do craft a statement, get quiet and not if it feels pono (RIGHT) to you… check to see and feel if it resonates with you.

    As far as tinnitus, experiment with it in various ways including any emotions that are present about the tinnitus aspects… any discomfort, feelings about the chronic nature, feelings about not finding a solution, etc.

    Malama pono (take care and be right)… Aloha!