Reply To: Multiple Positive suggestions

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mirko,

    Well, it depends upon what the emotional issue is and what your intention with PSTEC Positive are as well.

    In general, here are some guidelines…

    • Best to run the PP when your emotions, in the moment, are positive or you are feeling J.E.E.P.  That is when the sub is more receptive to suggestions.  That's why hypnotic suggestions, for the most part, are more acceptable when the person is relaxed.
    • You don't have to remove ALL negative … or non-J.E.E.P. … emotions, but it is helpful to get them down pretty far… I would say, on average, if you can get them down to 0-3, then you have a good chance of being clear enough to make an effective difference with PP.  But, if you can lower the non-JEEP to 0-1 , all the better.
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