Reply To: Sex and Libido

shane corr

    Hi Jeff

    I have used the CTs on the emotional issues over the last week which has reduced my emotional reaction to near 0.  :D  :D  :D

    I then used a PS to override the thoughts (the negative statements I say to myself regarding this issue) of failure to be able to perform.

    I have used the positive click track while looking at my PS twice so far. When I tried this on a situation in my mind I still have doubts and negative statements creeping into my mind regarding wether I will be able to perform.

    My question is this… Do I need to use the positive click tracks more or OR is it too soon to test immediately and I should wait a few days to see it it changes?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Ps I did notice negative feelings about my self-worth would surface and I'm feeling lighter  :) but really tired.

    Pps I'm confused to what the EEF'S are. Are these the extra CTs with the PSTEC 1?