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Jeff Harding
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    Good job!

    What would “near 0” actually be?

    I ask that because, quite often, someone I am working with will answer my question regarding “0 – 10” with, “It's almost zero.”

    And I ask again, “0 – 10?” (after all, what does “almost” mean?)

    Then, I will get an answer like, “3-4.”

    That's great when you come down from 10 … but, let's go just a little further.

    What we are looking for is getting it down to 0 – 1.


    Once you have the emotions down to 0-1, then crafting a Positive Statement (PS) and using PSTEC Positive (PP) is a great next step.

    This will begin to address the beliefs and behaviors that underpin the issue as well as the emotions that you have already begun to address in the first step and using the Click Tracks (CT).

    So, one of three things will happen when you use PP…

    1. The suggestion to the sub will “land” well and begin to shift the belief system within the mind model.  How do you know?  Be sure to establish a way to measure shifts in the physical, such as: doing things more smoothly, doing things you rarely did before, enjoying an aspect of life that previously you struggled with, etc.

      Another way is that the PS will BE Perfect for you and you will KNOW it without a doubt.

      Repeat the use of your PS if you KNOW it is Perfect over as many days as you wish… repetition can very key with many PP work.

    2. The sub will object and present emotional reasons.

      You have obviously encountered this and, by the way, this is ALL good because you are discovering issues that are “hidden” so knowing these emotional and belief issues is a great discovery!!!  Again, good job on being aware… being conscious… and knowing that they surfaced!

      What do you do?  Take the emotions back to your CT work… clear more… then when clear… remember 0 -1 !!! … then come back to your PP work.

    3. Sub will just ignore your suggestion without any emotional response… perhaps because a belief is strongly anchored.  How do you know?  Well, same as in #1 above but you just are not sure about your PS or things are not happening in life… they are not manifesting.

      What do you do?  Go back and “re-craft” your PS into something that would be more “acceptable” by the sub.  As Tim mentions in “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”; use the “Basic Steps to Change Beliefs” he mentions in Chapter 2.  Then try the new PS with PP and see what your sub response is this time.

    4. [/list]
      You could keep doing the PS and PP repetitively and PERHAPS overcome the old belief system, but that requires force of will, heightened persistence and ALOT of patience.

      Why not be kind to yourself… be kind to your sub?

      Use a gentle approach and make some shifts and changes gently if it's too hard for the sub to accept your proposed changes?

      Now, I don't mean make them slow because if you are slow in doing it, the sub can adjust to your changes and “work around them.”

      In other words, you can progress with your various PS leading up to your ultimate PS over just a few PSTEC sessions over a few days if you are diligent… just don't spread it out over too long a period.

      Make sense?

      Oh, EEF's (enhanced effectiveness) are enhanced CT's.  They are longer and “stronger” so that you have a tool for particularly tough emotional issues.

      BUT, that does not replace proper targeting of the EEF or CT.  In other words, if you are not making progress, doing it tougher or harder will not help most times, so be sure you are targeting the proper issue.

      Aloha nui loa!