Reply To: Sex and Libido

shane corr

    Hi Jeff

    Even though I have cleared the negative feelings in relation to sexual events that shaped my inability to perform successfully or positively my libido has still not improved. My Ability to perform has improved :) :) :)

    I sat quietly in an attempt to locate other causes and I'm a little lost because what keeps coming up is a fear & sadness of being alone and rejection even though I cannot imagine an event that caused this. 3 months ago I experienced an end to a 2 year relationship. I didn't see it coming. I used PSTEC to help me get past the break-up bringing the emotions down to 1-0. Working on the sexual issues seems to have stirred up this fear&rejection.

    When I think of these feelings of loneliness & rejection, even when I write the words down I burst into tears. It is a powerful emotion almost at times taking my breath away. I've been waking up these past few weeks with a feeling of fear and dread.

    How do I locate what event/events are causing this as its been several days and I still have no idea.

    Again your help is much appreciated Jeff

    Ps Its hard for me to put into words