Reply To: Constructing Imaginary Events


    Thanks for your input Jeff!

      I see what you're saying about these “glimpses”.  Often times I may have a slight negative feeling, but the memory is very vague so I haven't been too successful running the CTs.  Also, is it necessary to find every event that may have caused a limiting belief?  For example, “People are not nice to me” is a limiting belief.  I understand that you have to find the “evidence” that makes this true for me.  I can think of a lot of vague memories that have contributed to this belief, do I have to go through every single one?  If I can find the earliest event that may have caused this problem, will that be enough and collapse similar events that happened after the original event?

      I am TERRIBLE at listening to my sub, I can barely recall any memories that make up this “evidence”.  Also consciously, I might actually come across a situation that I KNOW has caused me terrible upset at the time, but when its time to do some clicking on it, I cant conjure up any feelings!  Lets say a past event may have caused me like an 8 or a 10 level of upset, is it necessary to have to get my feelings exactly on that level when I click?  Events that were at a level 7,8,9 etc. at the time, but when I click its only like a 2 or 3.  Does that mean I'm not that mad about that event anymore? or I'm not tuning into my feelings good enough?

      Sorry for so bombarding you with so many questions.  I understand and know a lot of my limiting beliefs.  The hard part for me is finding the evidence that supports the belief and properly tuning into an event with the negative feelings attached.

    Thanks for your help!