Constructing Imaginary Events

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      Hi there,

        I've been clicking for awhile now, trying to get to some core issues/memories but not having any success in doing so.  Lets say I have a childhood issue with bullying, but cant remember any early events, I've heard creating a memory should work.  Is this true?  I kinda have this anxious feeling in my gut when I think about my current issue., and I know Pstec works best when you pair an event AND feeling together, but I cant seem to remember or know which events have cause my current situation.  Is creating an imagined memory of lets say childhood bullying just as good as finding the real event that happened?  If so, whenever I cant find the real core events for issues I'm trying to click on, can I just create imaginary events of the past and use that as if its my core memory that created my reality now?

      Thanks for any input!

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hey dutch…

        On imaginary events, it depends… (don't you love that type of answer?)…

        When I use imaginary events, I am allowing the sub to do that work, rather than take my conscious mind and craft it's own version.  You see, we are working with the sub, more so, than the conscious mind, so I want to be certain I am not ignoring the sub on these issues.

        So, when I have a “glimpse” or a hint of the memory, then I can “fill in the blanks” perhaps to craft an imaginary event.  For example, if you were bullied when you were young, who were some of the bullies you remember from back then?  Let's say you remember being bullied in grade school by the Notorious Nathan… OK, how did he bully you?  Physically… with words?  If you said, he used to push me around, then imagine NN pushing you around as a little one; how does that feel?  Maybe fearful…

        Now take that imagined event of being bullied by NN… being pushed around… pair it up with the fear and run the CT on it.

        As you can see, even before using an imaginary event, I asked a few more questions to get some of the details and then have you fill in the blanks.

        So, before you conclude that you cannot remember, ask more questions of yourself and be sure to be patient about an answer coming from the sub… even if it takes a day or two to allow the answers… be patient because it's not likely you have listened well to the sub for quite some time.

        Engender Trust from the sub and, like when we deal with little ones, it may take time for them to Trust our conscious mind.

        Make sense?



        PSTEC User

          Thanks for your input Jeff!

            I see what you're saying about these “glimpses”.  Often times I may have a slight negative feeling, but the memory is very vague so I haven't been too successful running the CTs.  Also, is it necessary to find every event that may have caused a limiting belief?  For example, “People are not nice to me” is a limiting belief.  I understand that you have to find the “evidence” that makes this true for me.  I can think of a lot of vague memories that have contributed to this belief, do I have to go through every single one?  If I can find the earliest event that may have caused this problem, will that be enough and collapse similar events that happened after the original event?

            I am TERRIBLE at listening to my sub, I can barely recall any memories that make up this “evidence”.  Also consciously, I might actually come across a situation that I KNOW has caused me terrible upset at the time, but when its time to do some clicking on it, I cant conjure up any feelings!  Lets say a past event may have caused me like an 8 or a 10 level of upset, is it necessary to have to get my feelings exactly on that level when I click?  Events that were at a level 7,8,9 etc. at the time, but when I click its only like a 2 or 3.  Does that mean I'm not that mad about that event anymore? or I'm not tuning into my feelings good enough?

            Sorry for so bombarding you with so many questions.  I understand and know a lot of my limiting beliefs.  The hard part for me is finding the evidence that supports the belief and properly tuning into an event with the negative feelings attached.

          Thanks for your help!

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Aloha BJ!

            Not a problem… that's what this forum is about… discussion, questions and hopefully answers that help… not just you, but others that are in similar situations along their path.  In fact, I appreciate your questions  because they bring up the topics that need to be addressed, especially for those that do not bring them out in the open… so, mahalo (thank you) for bring these questions out to the public!

            A vague memory can be just as effective as a crystal clear one when running the CT… if it's not enough, then the sub will bring it more info focus for you.

            Same with the feeling… no, it does not matter the level… we just use the rating to see if there is movement or change.  The number is not important in and of itself… it's just your assessment of progress.

            What is important is that you try as hard as you can to focus on the memory and the feeling.

            Do you need to do ALL the memories?  Well, the True answer is, it depends upon the individual and only the individual knows or will know.  But, Reality seems to tell us that the answer is “no.”

            So, when you listen and discover the “supporting” memories for, say, anxiety about a certain experience, then do your best to allow the earliest memories to come forth.  Well they right away?  Maybe not, so start with what you are aware of and pay attention when other memories come up that the sub wants you to deal with.

            You see, when you focus on an issue, the sub will eventually bring to your awareness all that is important or earmarked for that issue.  In essence, the sub brings these to your awareness and says…

            'OK, what do you want to do?  You can clear up these experiences and change our mind model or just forget that new intention or desire and let's continue like we always have.  I, personally, as your longtime friend and subconscious, have done a darn good job thus far… after all, just look at the evidence… you're still alive, you know!  So, I suggest we continue on the same path and forget these new ideas.  BUT, of course, it's up to you.'

            And, you know what… it is up to you!

            So, make the decision to do whatever it takes.  Be willing to go through each and every memory if need be… JUST BE WILLING… and you will find it will go much more quickly.

            Remember when you enjoyed something … ALOT?  How quickly did time pass?  So, enjoy this process… ALOT!  And, watch the time zip by.


            As far as communicating with your sub… it takes practice … keep at it because the sub will test you.  Let's say you try, for the first time in years, to listen; but, you only try for 5 minutes.  Does that seem like a serious intention?  No, of course not!

            Dedicate your Life to listening… we do talk and keep ourselves much too busy for our own good.  Keep practicing the 2-Step; that is, Get Quiet and Listen.

            … and keep listening…

            How long?

            As long as it takes… the sub will comply when you demonstrate you are serious and this is a priority.

            Again… BE WILLING to listen indefinitely.  It will come and, very soon, it will be like breathing.

            Take care… Aloha nui loa!


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