Reply To: Heightened emotions using PSTEC CTs

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    aloha R!

    Well, you may have hit your emotional motherload, so to speak.

    Many people, when they feel the emotions coming through very strongly, attempt to avoid them, but if you let them through, as it appears you are doing, that indicates you are respecting and listening to the communication.

    So, as my new bride would say, “Good job!!”

    I only have two comments for you because it appears you are moving along just splendidly.

    • Yes, sometimes we need to give the sub some time to “recalibrate” or to process the changes… BUT… be sure it is not an avoidance strategy (a very tricky sub we have)… a day or two at the most is good.  Most times, just getting a “reset” over night should do.
    • On your comment, “different versions of the CTs four times on my feelings and mental images of “nobody wants to be my friend” …

      When you say “different versions”… what does that mean?

      What will accelerate your results is being more specific in the memories… the “evidence” that nobody wants you.  For example, use these questions to your sub and wait for an answer:

      *When was the last time you noticed nobody wanted you… and the time before that… and the time before that?
      *When was the first time you noticed nobody wanted you?

      Take those specific memories, videos, images, and even imagined events along with the emotion/feeling and run the CTon each one.

    • [/list] When you neutralize the emotions from those memories, they no longer become important or integral to the sub and your mind model, thereby, changing your entire mind model in this area (and other related areas) and changing your perception of the world.

      Then, after clearing those… see the change as you said… let your mind process those changes.

      Aloha nui loa!