Reply To: Heightened emotions using PSTEC CTs

Russell Cronberg

    Thanks Jeff for the good (as always) advice.  In the time between when I posted the original question and today, I had a chance to listen to your interview with Wil which was a tremendous help to me.  His experience with PSTEC has been very similar to mine.  As for the “different” versions of the CT's I meant to say a combination of the two free CT's and the more advanced ones (3 and 4) from the Level 1 package.  I've also begun working on these same issues again after taking a day off and my mind seems to be much more settled.  One of the things that Wil said in your interview with him that really resonated with me was what he described as the “downstream” effects.  I tend to get really wrapped up in achieving immediate results and sometimes fail to give my sub time to process and assimilate the changes I'm making.  Nonetheless I'm really excited about the progress I've made.  Thanks again for all of your help and knowledge.  R.