Reply To: Heightened emotions using PSTEC CTs

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    Again, keep up the good work (play)!!

    Don't make this laborious… make it fun… make it a game.  The sub is much more receptive to that type of “task.”

    As a good friend of mind here on the island says…

    “Self Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse.”
    Dana St. Claire,

    So, look to clear the way for inspiration to come through rather than “trying to get somewhere to something.”

    Look to enter that space of Peace in J.E.E.P.  If you spend most of your time there, which is rather natural, actually, then you will find answers coming through for you that are ideal… call it inspiration, if you like.

    Be aware of changes… ALL OF THEM … little and big ones WITHOUT expectation for either. Look for those subtle changes of demeanor… of emotions and feelings in familiar situations.  For example: maybe when you used to get together with someone familiar, you felt “non-JEEP”… maybe some anxiety or dread… see if that is reduced, even the slightest, or even eliminated.  In other words, look for clues.

    When we expect a certain and specific change, it is usually our fear that is directing that expectation and then we are “getting in the way” again… in other words, our barriers are in the way or our ideal outcome.

    So, do not “expect” a specific change, yet be aware of changes as THE OBSERVER.

    So, take it easy and let “it” come to you rather than “going after” it.

    Aloha nui loa!