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Jeff Harding
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    Aloha BJ,

    At the end of this post is the standard disclaimer on physical issues … see the PS at the end.

    You know, culturally both from present day and much from the past, is passed on to us and the majority of it is communicated through the subconscious (sub).

    So, is a limitation like changing appearance limited by our sub?

    Well, it's easy to not believe it, especially hidden in the sub, and then say, 'See, I told you I can't!'

    What is daring is to forge forward and experiment within yourself with what you can do, despite what others may say … I call this (coined from another source) Taking Radical Idealism and converting it to Practical Realism.

    This is about “changing your mind” and you have some excellent tools to do just that, but you must be WILLING to let go of your definitions, preconceived ideas, ideals, values, beliefs and behaviors AND, of course, your emotional attachment to any of them.

    For your case with the car accident, I would begin with your view of the scar and accident that caused it and anyone else involved … use that as a gage of how you feel and what your belief about everything surrounding it truly is.

    For example, here are some phrases you mentioned around this, “…terrible car accident… pretty banged up… very noticeable scar… never heard of a scar just disappearing(especially one as big and pronounced as mine), or changing anything else about a person's body/face other than weight… my emotional reaction when I think about it has gone down… get rid of the scar completely”

    Your words reveal the thoughts behind them and the “state of BEing” behind that.

    Let's get to some specific work…

    • Are all emotions surrounding the scar down to zero?  Can you look at it and not shy away, not despise it, not look at it as “less than?”
    • What about the emotions of the “cause” of the scar?  How do you feel about the accident, about vehicles, about driving, etc.?
    • That about others involved or even “at fault” for the accident?  Have you given complete and unconditional forgiveness to ALL those involved… unconditional meaning complete absolution, no matter what?
    • Did you include yourself in that assessment?  Did you forgive yourself completely and unequivocally?
    • [/list]Little more advanced here…

    • Also, look to the attachment that you MUST be rid of the scar before you can see the beauty and wonder of WHO YOU ARE!  Does the scar take anything away from you?
    • [/list]Look to the source of all the emotions, belief and behaviors to clear them of ALL preconceived ideas… ALL of them!

      Then, you will be free to Look to the Source of your greatest potential... the Light, if you will… and then, as Tim talks about, the sky's the limit.

      Nana I Ke Kumu
      (Look to the Source)

      Aloha nui loa!


      PS Tim has said that PSTEC was not originally created for physical issues and with all physical issues you are encouraged to consult with a licensed medical practitioner or your personal physician before proceeding with any PSTEC work… be sure to read the entire legal and disclaimer terms on the PSTEC website