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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Tom,

    Ah, life in the Boiler Room … did you catch that movie?  Or, Glengarry Glen Ross; another great take on the world of sales and cold calling (and the cast of Pacino, Baldwin, Lemmon, Arkin, Spacey, Harris… well, enough said) … brings back old memories of my cold calling days as well.

    By the way, I believe the goal of having your own business is one of the greatest opportunities that exposes your perceived vulnerabilities that you can clear… cold calling or sales (even if you are selling for someone else) gives you another great environment for that.

    Ok, let's get to the foundational work (play?)…

    Step 1… What's your goal?

    Why do I start here?  You want to know where you are intending to go for two reasons…

    • Moving toward the goal will expose the barriers
    • This gives you something to gage or measure your progress.
    • [/list]Be specific with your goal… not something like, “I wanna sell a bunch.”

      What do you want to sell… how much… when… how are you going to sell it… how many people do you have to see to sell what you desire?

      Let's say you come up with something like “I make 50 cold calls each day on Monday through Thursday.”

      Now, this appears to violate the two guideline I espouse about “not figuring out the HOW” and “not placing a time limit on the goal.”  But, in this stage of the process, we are not using it so much to achieve the goal as we are in exposing the barriers.

      In fact, I truly feel that the goal is not important EXCEPT to help us become aware of the barriers.  Once you remove ALL the barriers, success is effortless and instantaneous.

      This will also tell you the various actions you must take to achieve the goal and which ones you are not in JEEP with… in other words, where your barriers lie.

      Be sure to “craft” your Positive Statement (PS) in accordance with Tim's guidelines in Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive.

      Rate it

      So, once you have a PS, rate it … I actually do a bit more of a complex rating on this with people, but for this post, just ask yourself: How likely (on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is ABSOLUTE confidence without a doubt) is it that I will achieve that goal in that time?Let's say you rate the PS at a 5.

      Step 2… Listen and become aware of your barriers

      Once you have a PS in mind, ask yourself, “Why is this a 5 and not a 10?”In your case, you have already been listening to your subconscious (sub) fairly well (good job!!!) with some clues about fear of rejection, deserving success and messing up… all you need to do is get more specific on those general aspects.

      The more specific, the more terrific your progress will be.

      Use these questions for yourself to discover more about each of those 3 general feelings… let's start with “fear of rejection”…

    • What is the evidence that I am afraid of being rejected… when was the last time I felt that fear… and the time before that… and the time before that?
    • That same fear of rejection… when was the first time I remember feeling that way… either identically or similarly? (it does not have to be “fear of making calls or even involving business… just listen to the fear and ask the sub when that first occurred)
    • [/list]The answers you receive will be memories with that feeling and maybe other feelings.

      Those memories and feelings will be targets for your Click Track (CT) work.As you do the questions and also CT the answers, other memories and feelings may come up, so you add those to your List and CT those as well.

      Step 3 – PSTEC Positive

      Each time you do a CT session, end the session by take your PS and running at least a round of PP with it.You will also want to run the PS with PP everyday at least twice whether you do a CT session.  So, if you wake up and start taking actions toward your goal without an issue, run the PS with PP anyway.

      Each day here's your ritual…

      1. Focus and rehearse your PS… rate it, how do you feel?
        Do you feel 100% JEEP?
        Are you a “10?”
        Yes: Go to #2
        No: Go to #3
      2. Run your PS with PP… rate it, how do you feel?
        Do you still feel 100% JEEP…  Are you a “10?”
        Yes: Take action and Live Life!!!!
        No: Go to #3
      3. Why are you not a “10”… what you are you feeling?Take that feeling and ask some of the questions listed further above in Step 2… Listen and become aware of your barriers.
        Run the CT on what comes up… clear the barriers.
        Once you are down to 0-1 on the non-JEEP feelings, go back to #1 above.
      4. [/list]Some other resources for you…