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    tom donofrio
    PSTEC User

      Hello Jeff and all,

      I was wondering if you could share your opinion with regard to PSTEC and sales cold calling. My particular situation is this: I know I need to cold call to get leads to turn them into sales but I seem to freeze up every time I pick up the phone. I read books on the subject, takes courses, etc and still I have trouble feeling comfortable doing it. I know I am not alone in this. I tried to analyze the different reasons and I've come up with a few.

      1) Fear of rejection
      2) Fear of deserving success
      3) Fear of messing up my words

      Ultimately, these “reasons” are costing me time and money. I do believe in the product that I am selling but keep procrastinating on the “action” part – the actual picking up of the phone and making the calls.

      How would you recommend using PSTEC to overcome these blocks and get into daily, consistent massive action.

      Thanks for your wisdom and kindness


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Tom,

        Ah, life in the Boiler Room … did you catch that movie?  Or, Glengarry Glen Ross; another great take on the world of sales and cold calling (and the cast of Pacino, Baldwin, Lemmon, Arkin, Spacey, Harris… well, enough said) … brings back old memories of my cold calling days as well.

        By the way, I believe the goal of having your own business is one of the greatest opportunities that exposes your perceived vulnerabilities that you can clear… cold calling or sales (even if you are selling for someone else) gives you another great environment for that.

        Ok, let's get to the foundational work (play?)…

        Step 1… What's your goal?

        Why do I start here?  You want to know where you are intending to go for two reasons…

        • Moving toward the goal will expose the barriers
        • This gives you something to gage or measure your progress.
        • [/list]Be specific with your goal… not something like, “I wanna sell a bunch.”

          What do you want to sell… how much… when… how are you going to sell it… how many people do you have to see to sell what you desire?

          Let's say you come up with something like “I make 50 cold calls each day on Monday through Thursday.”

          Now, this appears to violate the two guideline I espouse about “not figuring out the HOW” and “not placing a time limit on the goal.”  But, in this stage of the process, we are not using it so much to achieve the goal as we are in exposing the barriers.

          In fact, I truly feel that the goal is not important EXCEPT to help us become aware of the barriers.  Once you remove ALL the barriers, success is effortless and instantaneous.

          This will also tell you the various actions you must take to achieve the goal and which ones you are not in JEEP with… in other words, where your barriers lie.

          Be sure to “craft” your Positive Statement (PS) in accordance with Tim's guidelines in Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive.

          Rate it

          So, once you have a PS, rate it … I actually do a bit more of a complex rating on this with people, but for this post, just ask yourself: How likely (on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is ABSOLUTE confidence without a doubt) is it that I will achieve that goal in that time?Let's say you rate the PS at a 5.

          Step 2… Listen and become aware of your barriers

          Once you have a PS in mind, ask yourself, “Why is this a 5 and not a 10?”In your case, you have already been listening to your subconscious (sub) fairly well (good job!!!) with some clues about fear of rejection, deserving success and messing up… all you need to do is get more specific on those general aspects.

          The more specific, the more terrific your progress will be.

          Use these questions for yourself to discover more about each of those 3 general feelings… let's start with “fear of rejection”…

        • What is the evidence that I am afraid of being rejected… when was the last time I felt that fear… and the time before that… and the time before that?
        • That same fear of rejection… when was the first time I remember feeling that way… either identically or similarly? (it does not have to be “fear of making calls or even involving business… just listen to the fear and ask the sub when that first occurred)
        • [/list]The answers you receive will be memories with that feeling and maybe other feelings.

          Those memories and feelings will be targets for your Click Track (CT) work.As you do the questions and also CT the answers, other memories and feelings may come up, so you add those to your List and CT those as well.

          Step 3 – PSTEC Positive

          Each time you do a CT session, end the session by take your PS and running at least a round of PP with it.You will also want to run the PS with PP everyday at least twice whether you do a CT session.  So, if you wake up and start taking actions toward your goal without an issue, run the PS with PP anyway.

          Each day here's your ritual…

          1. Focus and rehearse your PS… rate it, how do you feel?
            Do you feel 100% JEEP?
            Are you a “10?”
            Yes: Go to #2
            No: Go to #3
          2. Run your PS with PP… rate it, how do you feel?
            Do you still feel 100% JEEP…  Are you a “10?”
            Yes: Take action and Live Life!!!!
            No: Go to #3
          3. Why are you not a “10”… what you are you feeling?Take that feeling and ask some of the questions listed further above in Step 2… Listen and become aware of your barriers.
            Run the CT on what comes up… clear the barriers.
            Once you are down to 0-1 on the non-JEEP feelings, go back to #1 above.
          4. [/list]Some other resources for you…

        tom donofrio
        PSTEC User

          Dear Jeff,

          Thank you so much for your insights. I am excited to explore this approach.

          I will keep you informed of my progress



          Blue Sky
          PSTEC User

            @Tom: I heard that successful sales people doing cold calls don't focus on the rejection they might get but on the benefits for a client who _needs_ what they are offering. So in other words they can't stand it, that there might be another potential customer out there who did not get their special product or offer.
            As i read this, it reminds me of my insurance guy… he is exactly like this… and as far as i can tell… successful.

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi Tom…

              Sure, that could be one aspect.

              Below in the PS, I gave you another “way” to perceive this “game.”

              Bottom line, many people have many different motivations and we all need a motivator for our intentions and desires… in other words, we need to know WHY we desire something, otherwise behaviors like procrastination will easily set in.

              So, that is an integral part of crafting your target/goal/PS… the “why.”

              But, motivation is not enough, otherwise EVERYONE would see their desires manifested… instantly!

              Your mind must be in harmony… ONE with the goal… if you desire the ultimate of your ability and power…

              BE the goal… or …
              Don't just think of what you want, think FROM what you want.

              In order to do this, your mind, for the most part, must be without barriers or without emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are contrary to the goal.

              The evidence is that you can see someone that is “perfect” in one area of life and miserable in another area … they have few or no barriers in that “perfect” part of life and many in the the “miserable” one.

              So, as you move toward the goad in your mind, like I talked about in this discussion on another post, notice the emotions (use your CT, EEF or ATT to clear), beliefs and behaviors (use PP to shift) that are not in harmony with the goal… and clear or shift them.



              PS One perspective I have practiced in terms of cold calling is to actually focus on the NO because I knew that it was a numbers game and I am filtering prospects.

              So, the more NO's I encountered, the more YES's I would also get.  This is especially helpful with the MAYBE's (i.e. I'll think about it… try back later… let me get back to you… give me your card and I'll call you, etc.) so that I would question a little more to put them either on the NO side, which I was more than willing to do; or the YES side, which I was just as willing to do.

              You see, I was not attached to either YES or NO because I knew, with cold calling, that I had to deal with both.

              I did this in a sales training group I conducted… we, as a group, came up with the average state that 1 out of 20 cold calls results in a qualified prospect that was ready to listen; a YES … the other 19 were NO's.

              So, we lined up 20 people and the first 19 were NO's (frowning, sour even belligerent) and the YES (smiling, anxious to talk and buy) was at the end of the line.

              I put them in state at the idea of making the sale, so most were at a 9 or 10 of feeling excited.

              I had each salesperson pitch (just a quick, short sentence for speed… like a qualifying question or “elevator question”) each person in line starting with all the NO's.  When they felt their excitement wain, then I had them look ahead to the smiling, anxious YES… knowing that the YES was ready, willing and waiting.  They just had to get through the NO's to get the YES.

              tom donofrio
              PSTEC User

                Hello Jeff,

                Thanks for your insights. Just purchased “How to Achieve……and also the brand new Peak Performance product and am very excited.

                In listening to “How to achieve….my eyes were really opened. I had been using the click track to try to tap out “fear of cold calling”. From what you have said and what Tim says, I realize it is much deeper than that. Probing as you suggested led to the uncovering of some very painful memories and beliefs. When growing up my father (who didn't know any better), made statements like “You'll never amount to anything” and “You'll never have any money” – among others. I always new that these things affected me but now I can see that these statements are part of my subconscious programming and are hindering me from moving forward. They affect self esteem and self worth and make it near impossible to achieve success. So I realize that I have been beating my head against the wall for years focusing on the goal but being hindered by negative programming.

                So now I am using the click tracks and PP to move through those painful events and memories. It takes time but I can see it helping already. The only question I had for you is how would you frame PP statements to overcome negative programming statements like the ones I stated above? Would you still include specifics and also time frames in your PP statements?

                I think I am really getting this stuff. I find PSTEC so amazing and easy to use that I get excited when I put it on. I know it is working. The good thing is that I feel committed to doing it so I know I will get results.

                Thanks Jeff

                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Ah, excellent, Tom.

                  The skill (and it does become a skill of sorts) of being aware cannot be minimized… without it, you miss the clues… the breadcrumbs presented by your mind.  But, if you persist in listening, you will become excellent at KNOWING what the ideal path for you Truly is, time and time again.  The more that comes through and you are in harmony within your mind (being “pono” or “right”), the more fun or more often you will find yourself living in JEEP.

                  So, in the immortal words of  my wonderful wahine… my wife of less than a month … “Good job!!”

                  Ok, so, you asked, “how would you frame PP statements to overcome negative programming statements like the ones I stated above? Would you still include specifics and also time frames in your PP statements?”

                  Let me address the issue of “time frames.”  The only reason I do this is so that the sub can move me along the timeline and so that I can stop at that time and assess if I am on track because for most targets, if I have no time frame, then my mind can be telling me eternally that I am moving on schedule, yet I never find myself manifesting the desire.  So, it's just a great way to assess my progress.

                  As you become better and better at this… more pono with your sub… you may not have to use time frames at all… that's a whole other subject, but a very interesting one.

                  Also, when you say, “… overcome negative programming statements...”; I would NOT take that perception because that has a “battling” mentality with it… one of force and hard work, etc.  Right?  And, not really true because we are merely choosing another perception or program.

                  So, when you think about choosing another perception or program, can you choose another one when the current one is entrenched and supported by emotions and other beliefs and behaviors?  You would be hard pressed to change those and, like most people do, give up before you manifest that new choice.

                  As Tim says, handle the emotional support for that belief… clear the emotions first … and you will find choosing another perception even easier.

                  Ok, so, let's suppose that you clear most of the emotional issues surrounding this with the Click Tracks or EEF's; now, let's put together an empowering Positive Statement (PS).

                  Here are some very simple guidelines from Tim: 

                  • Make it short
                  • Use either present or future tense
                  • Make a statement in the positive
                  • Do not use “not”; don’t focus on negative, but make a suggestion about your desired change or outcome.
                  • [/list]The last point is a clue also about how to start “crafting” one.

                    Let's take one of the current beliefs you included in this post: “You'll never have any money”… obviously that would be considered a  negative, right?

                    Ok, take that and imagine what direction… make a choice … you would like to move toward.  Just craft a PS that is the opposite of that and be sure to follow the guidelines above.  I don't want to suggest one because I want it to come from you.

                    This new PS you come up with will be pono with you… it will be perfect for you… and while the first go around might be perfect, as time moves on, you may want to change it as you change.

                    Bonus Suggestion…
                    You can also have a PS that you run everyday that is a bit general in nature and has no time frame on it and ALSO have a PS that is a specific manifestation of the general PS you are doing, for example…

                    General PS, “I will have a body that is comfortable and healthy for me.”
                    Specific PS based on that, “I will weigh 160 pounds on (date) and feel healthy and comfortable.”

                    Play with this… have fun with it… experiment.

                    Make sense?



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