Reply To: Cold Calling

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Tom…

    Sure, that could be one aspect.

    Below in the PS, I gave you another “way” to perceive this “game.”

    Bottom line, many people have many different motivations and we all need a motivator for our intentions and desires… in other words, we need to know WHY we desire something, otherwise behaviors like procrastination will easily set in.

    So, that is an integral part of crafting your target/goal/PS… the “why.”

    But, motivation is not enough, otherwise EVERYONE would see their desires manifested… instantly!

    Your mind must be in harmony… ONE with the goal… if you desire the ultimate of your ability and power…

    BE the goal… or …
    Don't just think of what you want, think FROM what you want.

    In order to do this, your mind, for the most part, must be without barriers or without emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are contrary to the goal.

    The evidence is that you can see someone that is “perfect” in one area of life and miserable in another area … they have few or no barriers in that “perfect” part of life and many in the the “miserable” one.

    So, as you move toward the goad in your mind, like I talked about in this discussion on another post, notice the emotions (use your CT, EEF or ATT to clear), beliefs and behaviors (use PP to shift) that are not in harmony with the goal… and clear or shift them.



    PS One perspective I have practiced in terms of cold calling is to actually focus on the NO because I knew that it was a numbers game and I am filtering prospects.

    So, the more NO's I encountered, the more YES's I would also get.  This is especially helpful with the MAYBE's (i.e. I'll think about it… try back later… let me get back to you… give me your card and I'll call you, etc.) so that I would question a little more to put them either on the NO side, which I was more than willing to do; or the YES side, which I was just as willing to do.

    You see, I was not attached to either YES or NO because I knew, with cold calling, that I had to deal with both.

    I did this in a sales training group I conducted… we, as a group, came up with the average state that 1 out of 20 cold calls results in a qualified prospect that was ready to listen; a YES … the other 19 were NO's.

    So, we lined up 20 people and the first 19 were NO's (frowning, sour even belligerent) and the YES (smiling, anxious to talk and buy) was at the end of the line.

    I put them in state at the idea of making the sale, so most were at a 9 or 10 of feeling excited.

    I had each salesperson pitch (just a quick, short sentence for speed… like a qualifying question or “elevator question”) each person in line starting with all the NO's.  When they felt their excitement wain, then I had them look ahead to the smiling, anxious YES… knowing that the YES was ready, willing and waiting.  They just had to get through the NO's to get the YES.