Reply To: Cold Calling

tom donofrio

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for your insights. Just purchased “How to Achieve……and also the brand new Peak Performance product and am very excited.

    In listening to “How to achieve….my eyes were really opened. I had been using the click track to try to tap out “fear of cold calling”. From what you have said and what Tim says, I realize it is much deeper than that. Probing as you suggested led to the uncovering of some very painful memories and beliefs. When growing up my father (who didn't know any better), made statements like “You'll never amount to anything” and “You'll never have any money” – among others. I always new that these things affected me but now I can see that these statements are part of my subconscious programming and are hindering me from moving forward. They affect self esteem and self worth and make it near impossible to achieve success. So I realize that I have been beating my head against the wall for years focusing on the goal but being hindered by negative programming.

    So now I am using the click tracks and PP to move through those painful events and memories. It takes time but I can see it helping already. The only question I had for you is how would you frame PP statements to overcome negative programming statements like the ones I stated above? Would you still include specifics and also time frames in your PP statements?

    I think I am really getting this stuff. I find PSTEC so amazing and easy to use that I get excited when I put it on. I know it is working. The good thing is that I feel committed to doing it so I know I will get results.

    Thanks Jeff