Reply To: Cold Calling

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Ah, excellent, Tom.

    The skill (and it does become a skill of sorts) of being aware cannot be minimized… without it, you miss the clues… the breadcrumbs presented by your mind.  But, if you persist in listening, you will become excellent at KNOWING what the ideal path for you Truly is, time and time again.  The more that comes through and you are in harmony within your mind (being “pono” or “right”), the more fun or more often you will find yourself living in JEEP.

    So, in the immortal words of  my wonderful wahine… my wife of less than a month … “Good job!!”

    Ok, so, you asked, “how would you frame PP statements to overcome negative programming statements like the ones I stated above? Would you still include specifics and also time frames in your PP statements?”

    Let me address the issue of “time frames.”  The only reason I do this is so that the sub can move me along the timeline and so that I can stop at that time and assess if I am on track because for most targets, if I have no time frame, then my mind can be telling me eternally that I am moving on schedule, yet I never find myself manifesting the desire.  So, it's just a great way to assess my progress.

    As you become better and better at this… more pono with your sub… you may not have to use time frames at all… that's a whole other subject, but a very interesting one.

    Also, when you say, “… overcome negative programming statements...”; I would NOT take that perception because that has a “battling” mentality with it… one of force and hard work, etc.  Right?  And, not really true because we are merely choosing another perception or program.

    So, when you think about choosing another perception or program, can you choose another one when the current one is entrenched and supported by emotions and other beliefs and behaviors?  You would be hard pressed to change those and, like most people do, give up before you manifest that new choice.

    As Tim says, handle the emotional support for that belief… clear the emotions first … and you will find choosing another perception even easier.

    Ok, so, let's suppose that you clear most of the emotional issues surrounding this with the Click Tracks or EEF's; now, let's put together an empowering Positive Statement (PS).

    Here are some very simple guidelines from Tim: 

    • Make it short
    • Use either present or future tense
    • Make a statement in the positive
    • Do not use “not”; don’t focus on negative, but make a suggestion about your desired change or outcome.
    • [/list]The last point is a clue also about how to start “crafting” one.

      Let's take one of the current beliefs you included in this post: “You'll never have any money”… obviously that would be considered a  negative, right?

      Ok, take that and imagine what direction… make a choice … you would like to move toward.  Just craft a PS that is the opposite of that and be sure to follow the guidelines above.  I don't want to suggest one because I want it to come from you.

      This new PS you come up with will be pono with you… it will be perfect for you… and while the first go around might be perfect, as time moves on, you may want to change it as you change.

      Bonus Suggestion…
      You can also have a PS that you run everyday that is a bit general in nature and has no time frame on it and ALSO have a PS that is a specific manifestation of the general PS you are doing, for example…

      General PS, “I will have a body that is comfortable and healthy for me.”
      Specific PS based on that, “I will weigh 160 pounds on (date) and feel healthy and comfortable.”

      Play with this… have fun with it… experiment.

      Make sense?