Reply To: Suggestion for new PSTEC tool – "In The Moment" releasing

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    The fun thing, amongst many reasons, of working with Tim is that his mantra is “Your wish is my command.” (well, not always literally, but, bottom line is that he listens and works to find solutions for everyone).

    I shared your question/suggestion and here are his thoughts on this…

    “Yes I know about this. I'm pondering the possibility of a post hypnotic clearance process with no mp3 required at the time. It's a good idea so I'm having a good think about how best to go about it. Then I'll let it brew in the old noggin for a while and see what comes out.”

    So, we will let it brew for a while and see what comes up.  ;D

    In the meantime, here are some tips…

    • If you get into a situation where you “lose it” and act in ways that bring on shame, frustration or anything that is not JEEP, then take some time, when you are with those thoughts and feelings and run the CT.  Let go of the event and, if a habitual situation, strive and even use PSTEC Positive, to make suggestions for being more aware when it occurs again.

      There is always a reason for behaviors, so being more and more aware of the situations, people, places and things that trigger you will give you more “info” from your subconscious about what it is that you are so attached or adverse to that brings these behaviors on.

    • Keep in mind… you can do plenty of methods “in the moment” and that's fine.  Just be sure to find the most important benefit and opportunity of a situation when you are dis-empowered and that is to help you discover the source or cause of that “error in thinking” that you are “less than.”

      So, once the “bad” moment is gone; it's gone.  Now, it's time to be in the present moment to do the most important work… find the cause and let it go… permanently.  That's all that really matters in the long run.

    • Be careful of “in the moment” solutions because they can be addictive… meaning, they might not clear the issue, but only give you temporary satisfaction and feelings.

      If you need to get through a situation, I believe it's great and has value, of course!  Just take the most important part of the experience and that's being aware of the cause of it so that you can clear, release, heal it… for good!

    • [/list]Other than that… stay tuned as Tim always has more to come!