Reply To: Blushing and PSTEC Question

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Kay,

    Here are some suggestions…

    • “I have trouble now trying to think of situations where I would blush when running the tracks to use it against, but I still redden in the face in instances “
      What are those instances… do they have a common pattern to the instances when you still blush?

      When an instance comes up, of course, after the instance or event, use the CT/EEF on those.

    • Also, as you reflect on those instances, what emotion comes up… you mentioned anxiety.  Take some quiet time with that emotion and find where in your body you feel it and what are the qualities of that feeling?

      Then, once you tune into the feeling, follow it with the help of your subconscious by asking: When was the last time I felt this way… and the time before that… and the time before that?  When was the first time I remember feeling this way?

      The answers are some specifics you can use with the CT/EEF.

    • “blushing is very much in tie with what I believe other people will think of me”

      Take a recent example and tune into the feeling as I mentioned above.

      What does that feeling remind you of in terms of memories?  Have you encountered judgment in the past with that feeling?

    • [/list]One more…

    • When did the blushing begin?  Did you experience anything that had an emotional impact on you around that time… before that time or before that time?
    • [/list]As always, when finding the cause is an issue, it's not that it's not there, it's just that you have not noticed it or that it has not been revealed yet and here are a couple actions that may help…

    • Use of the PSTEC Accelerators
    • Check the PSTEC Registry for someone that may be able to help guide you along in finding the cause so that PSTEC is targeted more effectively.
    • [/list]Aloha!